Dr Shaheda Omar
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Shaheda Omar (Dr.)
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Shaheda Omar is a Clinical Director – Teddy Bear Foundation. Shaheda, developed a Diversion programme, and authored a Diversion Handbook. Shaheda’s phenomenal insight into the psyche of child abuse is called upon in challenging cases. She marks thesis submissions and completes peer reviews of manuscripts. Shaheda develops staff, mentors professionals, presents at conferences (national and international), sits on multi-sectoral Boards, national committees and task teams, has received numerous awards and published journal articles and still manages to volunteer as a consultant. Shaheda successful applications at Constitutional Court The decriminalisation of SECTIONS 15 & 16 – of the Sexual Offences Act; Amended relief – Prescription of statute of limitations. Shaheda was denied consent to study at Wits, on racial grounds, and studied through UNISA. She holds a Masters in Mental Health, Dip. In Marriage Guidance, Forensic Assessment, Phd